Sorry it took so long, but we are finally back.  We did great at Luckett’s this year, and after a bit of downtime, we are preparing to move into a new home – our 3rd!!  Our space will be in Evolution Home, a vintage, antique, and consignment home furnishings store located at 6239 Shields Ave in Alexandria (on Route 1 south of Old Town Alexandria).  Evolution Home is the new home of the former Potomac West Antiques in Del Ray.

EH logo

front far

View from Route 1 during renovation

front near

Starting to fix up the front entrance.


We selected a rectangular booth near the back of the building because it was open, yet had lots of wall space.


The owners gave us a choice of 4 paint colors, and we picked blue and taupe.

view from entrance

View from the entrance – that’s our blue wall at the back.

entrance checkout

A few days later, the check-out counter is being installed.

entrance left

Dealers are starting to paint and stock their booths.

booth 2

Here is what we selected for the Grand Opening. Everything looks great against the painted walls.

booth 1

Ironstone displayed on a dark bookcase, topped by a vintage ibex.


Our Americana and British selections.


Birds atop an art deco coffee table, and a vintage tortoise shell inspired vinyl loveseat that everyone falls in love with.

We are very excited to be part of the Evolution Home start-up.  Please join us at the Grand Opening this Saturday, August 10, from 10 am – 6 pm.  Thanks for keeping up with us – we hope to be posting more often from now on!