We are finally ready for Luckett’s.  Yesterday, we brought over one truckload-

bf_truck back.jpgbf_truck side.jpg

and an SUV-

bf_car side.jpgbf_car back.jpg

It helped to setup a day early this year, so that we could relax on Friday.  But, of course, there is no relaxing before Luckett’s!!  We have a few more items we will be bringing on Saturday.

Janice has been working very hard the last few days on this gray sideboard-

bf_gray sideboard.jpg

this great red hutch-

bf_red hutch.jpg

a beautiful mirror adorned with a gilded pineapple-

bf_pineapple mirror.jpg

and this stool redone with upholstery webbing-

bf_woven stool.jpg

Karen has also been busy finishing up these cane back chairs with toile cushions-


and an ikat covered storage bench and Union Jack picnic basket-

bf_ikat stool.jpgbf_basket.jpg

Tomorrow we will be in the “Field of Gold” at Luckett’s Spring Market – same spot as last year.  Please visit us there, and pray to the rain gods for no rain during the weekend.