This year’s holiday window design for Zoe Boutique had a little creative help from my mom who was put to work during her latest visit.  The main reason for her visit was to take care of our critters while hubby and I attended his niece’s wedding in Amelia Island.  Here is the beautiful couple in a photo taken by my sister-in-law Mimi.  Mimi is a creative and talented, budding photographer and an inspiration to me to up my game and get a real camera.  Like most of us now, my smart phone is my camera.

So, on to our recent window design.  For the design this year we wanted something elegant and fun to match the clothing collection at Zoe Boutique.  What’s more elegant than a sparkly chandelier?

So we took these-

And created this-

To create this window we chose three lampshades with different frames.  We wanted three different styles so that each window would have a different shaped chandelier.

The first step was to remove the fabric cover, which we did on two of the shades (upper left and bottom photo).  On the third shade, with the lacy cover (upper right photo), we decided to incorporate the fabric into the design.  We simply sliced the bottom part of the fabric away from the frame and slide it up the shade, securing it with strips of tulle.

For “sparkly bling” we added snowflake and colored ball ornaments, plastic pink and clear crystals (previously used in the Valentines window), strips of tulle and some tinsel.

As our chandeliers don’t actually light up we wanted some kind of light source so we used lighted garland.  This provided the light we wanted while giving the window a seasonal look and an element that would draw the eye across the window.  Lastly, to fill in blank spaces, we hung more of the colored balls and snowflake ornaments (purchased at Target), and little packages wrapped in Zoe Boutique tissue and glittery ribbon.  The packages are Chinese food containers from our local Chinese food restaurant.  Very affordable and easy.

Our window is part of the Old Town Boutique District Window Wonderland contest.  We need your vote in helping us win.  Please click on the link below and vote for Zoe Boutique.  Voting is open until December 9th.


Thanks for supporting us.