Finally, our last upholstery class and the completion of our chairs. Yeah!! Just to keep you hanging, we’re going to separate the projects and post them separately.

The picture below is where I was after Class 5.  For the final class I had to finish the sides and underside of the chair, and add piping around the arms.

To complete the chair sides,  I stapled down a layer of burlap (any old fabric would do as this layer won’t be seen) –

Then a cotton fill layer.  This was just layed on top of the burlap, no stapling or gluing needed-

Now for my upholstery fabric. I cut the piece to fit with approximately a 1/2 margin-

To adhere the upholstery fabric we used metal upholstery tack strips.  This is a strip of flexible, metal teeth that provides an invisible way to adhere upholstery fabric to the edges of the furniture where it is not ideal to show nails, tacks or staples.  One edge of this metal strip is stapled to the chair and the other end holds the fabric.

Here’s a close up.  Before attaching the fabric, the metal strip should be slightly folded so it is less L-shaped and more a 30 degree angle. The fabric is then pulled over the top teeth where the pointy spikes grip it and then the metal strip is folded flat-

This picture shows the fabric being tucked into the teeth-

To finish off the bottom a strip of cardboard tape and fabric are stapled down-

The last finishing touch was to add trim around the inside edge of the chair arms. The original chair had tacks going around the arm.  I wish I had stuck with that as the double piping I decided to use was thick and wide which made it difficult to make the tight turns along the wooden arm.  To my surprise the piping is simply hot glued to the chair. You can see the piping in the picture below running over the top of the wood chair arm and then down along the inside.

Here is my completed upholstery project-

Lest you forget what it looked like at the beginning-

Please stay tuned for a big announcement. Hope you have a great rest of the week.