Last week we got some great news – we have been accepted into the Chartreuse & Co.’s Market Days event over Labor Day weekend (Sept. 1-2).  Chartreuse runs a fabulous multi-vendor barn sale once a month in Buckeystown, MD (just south of Frederick).  Twice a year they hold Market Days and hand-select additional vendors to showcase their goods outside the barn.  It is always VERY crowded at Chartreuse sales, so we are very excited about being selected.

To prepare for the upcoming sale, we decided to host our first Semper Stylish Pop-up sale today.  Our neighborhood had already made plans for a multi-family yard sale, so we decided to do our pop-up on the same day.    We advertised (for free) on our neighborhood listserve, the local Patch, Craigslist, and  Of the people we asked, most said that they saw the notice on the Patch.

We considered it a good omen when Karen’s cactus produced another flower this morning.  Since the bloom only lasts a few hours, she brought it with her to the sale.

Here’s our setup for the day.  We put out most of our painted furniture and a limited number of “smalls”.

Mom was also in town and helped with setting up, tagging, selling, and clean-up.

Janice worked her “yard sale” table…

While lots of visitors perused our Semper Stylish display.

It was an exhausting day, but we did good business with both our yard sale items and our Semper Stylish items.  We were able to get some help reloading the trailer, making sure to pack so that items for Chartreuse will be easily accessible.

We’re as wilted now as the cactus flower – time to kick back with a glass of wine.

Thanks for joining us.