When our friend Karen recently moved, she didn’t want any help packing or moving.  The only thing she asked was that we help make a wish come true for her daughter Kate.  Kate’s favorite movie is The Sound of Music.  If you remember, The Trapp family’s governess, Maria, teaches the children how to sing and to play, sewing play clothes for them from old drapes in her room.

Dresses made from curtains are actually quite popular in movies.  In Gone With the Wind, when Scarlett is out of money and needs to pay the taxes on her land, she decides to go and ask Rhett for help.  But she can’t go in rags, so she decides to tear down her mother’s curtains and make a new dress out of them.


So when the realtor suggested removing curtains to make the room brighter, my friend knew exactly what needed to be done – a curtain dress for Kate!  The material is a beautiful blue toile.

We couldn’t find a modern pattern we liked, but after searching the internet, we found this vintage pattern.  The girl on the cover even looks like Kate, as you will see.

The dress turned out beautifully – with Kate modelling it even better than the original pattern!

(Kate – did you notice the little dog on the strap)


In the tradition of using curtains to make clothes, this was a great project.  And Kate now has something to remember her childhood home.  Have you ever repurposed old curtains for clothing or other items?  We would love to hear about your own creative uses for old curtains.