About 5 years ago, my sister-in-law Joanne gave me a small cactus plant.  I kept it indoors, where I thought it was a happy and content, but never changing or growing, cactus.  After visiting Joanne and seeing how huge her outdoor-living cactus was, I realized that the “incarceration” of mine was stunting its development.  So I put it outside for the summer.  After a couple of weeks, I was in shock – a beautiful white flower appeared at the end of a long stalk –  it was as though it finally woke up!  I was so happy that my cactus had finally blossomed, but my joy was short-lived – the flower only lasted a few hours.  Did I do something wrong?  After some research, I determined that the cactus is probably an Echinopsis subdenudata, which normally only bloom for a couple hours once during the year.  If you miss it, you have to wait a whole year to see it again.

This summer, I sent my cactus on its outdoor vacation again.  She thanked me with another beautiful white flower and a couple of baby cacti.

Watch the growth of the stalk and bloom as it progressed over the past week:

Two weeks ago:








Monday morning:

And by Monday afternoon:

I’m hoping by next year some of the babies will grow up and start producing more blooms.