We meant to get this post out this past weekend. But have been slowed by the recent events Mother Nature has brought our way.  Disgustingly hot temperatures and going on day 4 of no power.  I realize how much I take for granted having A/C when the house feels like an oven, having a garbage disposal when you forgot power was out and now the sink is getting a little stinky, not having clean clothes (as simple as it would be, I just can’t turn my underwear inside out), and having to sleep in the cool basement on couch cushions.    Our power issue started Friday night when a line of intense thunder and lighting storms passed through. Saturday afternoon we got a teaser of a power surge which lit a tree limb in our backyard on fire, which on it’s way down took the power line out, and proceeded to land on top of one of the cars that had just been moved to be in the perfect location to prevent the tree limb from hitting the ground.

Hopefully, we’ll see the power company before week’s end.  But with 250,000 people still without power, and our little line issue only affecting 15 houses, we’re not holding our breath.

So, on to upholstery class week 2.


During our first class we were told that we would need a couple of additional tools prior to the next class.  Of course, first and foremost was our fabric, but, by far, the one tool that I was most excited about, was an upholstery stapler powered by an air compressor.  I was so excited to hear that I “had” to get a staple gun that would have some real power behind it- arh, arh arh!

So, with our chairs, fabric, new staple gun, and an air compressor the size of a carry-on suit case, we headed to our second class.

We both decided to go fairly neutral on the fabric so as to not limit where the chairs could be placed.  Sorry, nothing too bold and outrageous here – we’ll do that with pillows.  As part of the class we received a 20% off coupon at G Street Fabric store where the class is held.   Neither of us saw anything we liked, so we hit Calico Corners, which was having a 25% off sale.  We both fell in love with this nubby off-white “grain sack” look fabric.  Karen is going to use the solid fabric on her “fainting” chair, which she about near did when she saw the cost of the fabric times 8 yards.

My chair, the lovely cat scratched piece, will use both fabrics. I plan on using the solid on the front back and seat of the chair, and the striped along the back of the chair as well as along the bottom of the front.

Here is my chair at the beginning of class-

George and me working on the seat-

Chair at the end of class with a nice new seat cover.  The front back has the muslin that was under the yucky old fabric.

I also spent part of the class, piecing together the fabric that will cover the front back and arms of my chair.  Using the old fabric as a template, I made this (I only had to rip open seams and redo three times).

Here is Karen working on the seat bottom of her chair-

Join us next week when we both finish the fronts of our pieces.  It is taking a lot of time, but is very fulfilling watching our chairs “coming to life”.  And we are learning why it costs so much to have furniture reupholstered!!