We spent Memorial Day as a vendor at the art & antique market organized by Stifel & Capra in Falls Church, VA.  It was HOT and HUMID, but all the vendors were wonderful and we had a good amount of shoppers who braved the conditions to visit us.

Our spot was right in front of the Stifel & Capra store – not a lot of shade.  As you can see, we brought a few large pieces of furniture.  No hubbies to help us this time, but we want to thank the two “Teak Guys” who jumped in to help us when we were loading and unloading.

Do we look ready for the HOT weather?

Here’s Karen checking out the cash situation before the start of the show.

This starry window was the first item to sell.

We found the chippy shutters below at a house demolition sale.  There were 21 of them in three sizes and in varying shades of green, turquoise, and black.  The cut-out is probably a pine tree, but we’re going with the sailboat that Janice wants them to be!  Put your orders in now for them…  they won’t last long.

We were lucky to be able to spread out a lot.

This cute narrow bookcase was our first piece of furniture to sell.  And “Dolly” (busty dresser to left of bookcase), as usual, got lots of attention, but no takers yet.  And that’s Janice in the background, remerchandising.

We were very happy with our day’s sales.  Our last customer happened as we were packing up to leave.  A young woman bought our tall gray distressed dresser (“Zoe”, at left in picture below) and the sweet little blue end table “Amanda” – making a good end to a successful day.

This is our last outdoor show for a while – we hope to get into a barn sale weekend in the fall.  Thanks for staying with us as start on our next projects – setting up Etsy and Ebay sites, and a possible “pop-up trailer sale” in our neighborhood.