We made it through Day One!!  It was a successful day.  We’re tired and sunburned, but wanted to share a video and pictures of the day:

Our kind neighbors took a picture of us as we arrived to start setting up (Karen, Semper Stylish hubby Marshall, Janice’s mom and Janice):

While we were waiting for the show to open, we each picked something we thought would be the first thing to sell.  Janice picked her beautiful cloche over a round frame with sheet music base, Karen picked her orange phone table (because there was nothing else orange in the show), and Polly picked the set of 8 ironstone square appetizer plates.

Here’s what the booth looked like just before the 10am opening:

Style maven Janice worked hard to make the booth look awesome and inviting…

Polly made PB&J sandwiches for lunch today, and Karen had her first ever.  Yum!

By mid-day, the crowds were not quite as crazy.  Friends Matt and Christine stopped by to show their support:

Mid-afternoon, Team Semper Stylish hubby Greg arrived to help with the afternoon’s restocking:

By the end of the day, we had done a lot of rearranging to fill empty spaces.

The show closed at 5pm.  We packed everything back into our 10’x10′ booth, drove to the trailer, unloaded more furniture, restocked our booth, installed and zipped up the sides, and were heading back home by 6pm!

In case you were wondering about how our “first thing to sell” bet went, NONE of the pieces we picked sold- yet!

We will let you know how Day Two goes tomorrow.  Until then, it’s off to bed!