Today was set up day at Luckett’s.  We spent the past several days packing, cleaning, pricing, and finishing last minute projects.  My family room during packing looked like this, that’s Spritle trying to find his way through-

Now we have this-

It’s nice to have my house back.

So with the truck and trailer loaded we headed off to Luckett’s.  Our designated set up time was 11:30am – 1:30pm.  We arrived right as scheduled and fortunately we were able to get the truck and trailer close to our spot.  We had secretly hoped for a nice shady corner spot, but, we were assigned a middle spot in a middle row.  The good thing is we will be able to “pop” out both front and back while leaving room in our booth for shoppers to pass through.  The set-up we had come up during “dress rehearsal” day had to be changed, but, the one consolation was we knew which pieces we wanted.

We unloaded all of our Saturday items, big and small, as quickly as we could as the rig took up most of the row.  The vendor on one side of us had already set up and had their tent sides buttoned down, so we weren’t able to check out what they have.  The vendor on the other side is a very nice lady with two 10×10  booths.  She stated she has been doing shows for 20 years (up to 35 shows a year) so she was very knowledgeable and patient answering all our questions about  what to expect.

We spent two hours reconfiguring  our layout for the bigger pieces and felt comfortable leaving the smaller pieces for Saturday morning.  Closed up the tent and arrived home beating the rush hour traffic.

Before we start celebrating with ice cream cake and Prosecco, we thought we would finish this post with a few last minute pictures of some of the additional furniture pieces we completed.

the Spritle sideboard before-

the Spritle side board after-

The Dolly before-

The Dolly after, do you get it?  The name that is.

the Compass Rose before-

the Compass Rose after-

top of the Compass Rose-

the Frenchy bench before-

the Frenchy bench after-

the Trixie coffee table before-

the Trixie after-

the Antoinette dresser before-

the Antoinette dresser after-

The following pieces we don’t have a before picture of.

The bumblebee chest-

the Hanai-

the Zoe dresser-

We want to thank you for joining us on our journey to Luckett’s Spring Market.  Can’t believe it has arrived.  We’ll keep you posted on how the weekend goes.

It’s scary and exciting to write- zero days to go.