With less than two weeks to Luckett’s Spring Market, we are in crunch mode with finishing all the furniture pieces we have acquired over the last several months.  And acquire we have- this 18’x 8′ trailer is full.

Did we mention we only have a 10’x10′ booth at Lucketts?  How high can we go?

With the furniture in various stages of readiness, here are pictures of some of the completed pieces.  To help us distinguish and remember each piece, we have given them names.

The Admiral and his two lieutenants-

The picture below is somewhat pathetic. We tend to forget to take the “before” picture until after we start tearing the piece apart.  Well, we were too lazy to put the two larger drawers back in as they have a locking mechanism that requires a little work to remove them.

Once again, the Silhouette Cameo came to our rescue to design the stars.  For a surprise, we painted the inside of the drawers orange.

The Jake before-

The Jake after.  The white borders and key drawer pulls gives this strong, practical dresser a sense of fun.

The Kylie before-

The Kylie after. This end table has beautiful, strong legs.

The Lindsey before-

The Lindsey after.  The addition of the basket makes this a very cute and smart looking piece.

The Ethan before-

The Ethan after.  This strong and sturdy piece is very versatile as it can be a coffee table or an end table.

The Hailey before-

The Hailey after. We love how beautiful this buffett turned out.

The Amanda before-

The Amanda after.  This end table turned out so sweet with the addition of the scroll and crystal drawer pull.

While setting up this photo shoot, we had a visit from our neighborhood dog friends Tess (l) and her brother Kirby(r).  Spritle and Trixie are on the oversized chair, which is covered in needlepoint upholstery.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.  Only 12 days to the Spring Market.