Have you received your new 2″ thick Restoration Hardware catalogs yet?  This Brickmaker’s Table ($1015 on sale) is part of their new collection:

It is made from a pallet used to haul bricks 100 years ago.   I love the rustic French country look of this table, but even on sale I couldn’t afford it!   Then I remembered a black iron console table I purchased last fall at a local garage sale for $3.  The lines are very similar to the Restoration Hardware table.

Now I just had to figure out how to replicate the wood top.  My first thought was to cut plywood for shelves and paint/distress the wood to look old.  But then I happened to walk behind my garage the other day and saw this:

This pallet was used to haul flagstone for our patio 2 years ago.   The wood is about an inch thick and has aged quite nicely to a charcoal gray color.  I enlisted my hubby to tear the boards off the top and bottom of the pallet (he says this was NOT easy).

We used 3 boards each for the top and bottom shelf of the table.  The second shelf required cutting small notches in the wood where the legs go.  I also plan to soak the boards in a mild bleach solution before using the table to clean off any mildew and eliminate any insects that may be in the wood.

Notches cut in bottom shelf

Close-up of pallet wood

Here is a picture of the finished product.

Considering my inspiration table cost over $1000 on sale, I think this one, costing just $3, some old wood, and a little effort is just as nice.  What do you think?

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