Our collection of great stuff for Luckett’s continues to grow.  As in the prior post on our treasures collection (here), I included the photo of the Bisque glove mold (size 8) holding a sprig of lavender to give you an idea of the relative size of items.

A collection of toiletry bottles with original labels-

Vintage alcohol bottles-

More baskets, I love baskets-

Collection of vintage cameras and accessories-

Some doggy items-

Hat boxes. I love the black and beige check one from the former Washington, DC department store Woodward and Lothrop-

Hooked rug-

A couple of vintage license plates and a metal star shaped finial-

Collection of various bottles, including two milk bottles from local dairies-

Mirror and brush set with initials, a beautiful cut glass jar with engraved lid, vintage makeup mirror, and black painted box-

Set of Nancy Drew books-

Collection of small oil cans and flower arranging frogs-

A couple more suitcases-

A vintage hammered aluminum tray and Swedish thermos-

A few more kitchen items-

Wash tin with Maryland Biscuit Co. label-

In addition to our small items, we have been working on a lot of furniture that will also be going to Luckett’s.  We promise to get a post on that real soon.

Today we ran the George Washington Parkway 10 miler.  One of the most beautiful runs in the area.  Of course, we are somewhat biased as this run is held in our neck of the woods.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.  26 days to Spring market.