We normally don’t focus on pictures when shopping at garage and estate sales, but every once in a while a vintage picture or empty antique frame strikes our fancy.  Over time, we have built up quite a nice collection of interesting pictures and frames, and thought we would share a few of them with you.  Some of them we may keep in our “personal collection”, but most of them will be with us at Luckett’s Spring Market in May.

Our collection includes quite a few ladies-

This girl looks a lot like Semper Stylish sister Kathy-

Empty frames are a great way to add interest to an empty wall-

This distressed turquoise frame adds color and character-

We’ve also picked up a few nature pictures.

And, of course, no home is complete without dogs-

Vintage pictures and old, distressed frames are great additions to any room – hopefully these will find good homes.  Before we go, here’s Janice with today’s haul from a local flea market and an estate sale.  We couldn’t even fit everything in the car and will have to return tomorrow to retrieve the rest of our purchases!

Thanks for joining us on our journey to Luckett’s Market – only 35 days to go.