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If you follow our posts, you may recall (here) that one of our favorite creative endeavors is designing the windows for our friend Susan’s store, Zoe Boutique, in Old Town Alexandria, VA.  Zoe Boutique is coming up on her one year anniversary and Susan has some awesome things planned including a surprise gift with purchase, store-wide discounts, and drawings for gift cards over the two-day celebration.  She’s also promising some yummy treats from Alexandria Cake Pop Company.

So, in celebration of this big event, as well as the coming of Spring, we wanted to do something vibrant and cheery.  On Wednesday morning we finished putting up our window design.  We are quite happy with the way it turned out and hope you like it as well.

We created these beautiful flowers using tissue paper, cardstock, double stick tape, and glue.  That’s it!

We made three different size flowers.  For the larger ones, we used 5 sheets of standard size tissue paper, cut in half lengthwise, then stacked atop each other (10″ x 26″ x 10 layers).  The medium flowers used 4 sheets of tissue paper, cut in half crosswise, then stacked atop each other (13″ x 20″ x 8 layers).  The smallest flowers used 1 sheet of tissue paper, cut crosswise into 4 pieces and stacked (7.5″ x 20″ x 4 layers).

Starting at one of the short sides, we folded the tissue layers like an accordian.

Since we would be hanging our flowers, we tied a long piece of monofilament line around the middle, leaving a long tail.  To help hold the line in place, we cut two little notches on either side of the middle of the pleated paper to create a track for the monofilament line to sit in.

To form the flower, start separating the pieces of tissue paper.  Gently pull half the sheets up and the other half down.  We found it was easier to pull one or two one direction and then pull the same number the other direction then reverse again.  Be careful to pull gently, so the tissue paper doesn’t tear.

Here’s a picture of a finished flower.  The purple and white one illustrates the effect of alternating two colors of tissue paper.

We wanted stems that had a 3-D quality, so we decided to use the Cameo Silhouette to cut spirals in a piece of card stock.  You could hand cut a spiral in a piece of card stock or poster board to get the same effect.  But we are trying to find unique ways to use our Cameo, so we let it do the work for us!  We got four spirals per page and cut each spiral in half to create two stems.

These pictures show the four cut spirals on the piece of card stock, and how they were removed from the Cameo cutting mat.

Next, insert the spiral stem to one end of the flower (opposite the monofilament line).  At first we used Elmer’s glue, but, then realized double stick tape was easier and just as effective. This next picture shows the stem being adhered with glue, and a clothespin holding it till it dried.  See why double stick tape is easier!

Next, we cut leaves out of tissue paper.

We crinkled the leaves slightly to give them some definition.

Then we adhered the leaves to the stem using double stick tape

Voila!  Don’t you love the appearance of these flowers?  They look like Hydrangeas – my favorite flower!

If you live near Old Town Alexandria, please visit Zoe Boutique the weekend of April 6th and 7th for the anniversary celebration.

Thank you for following us.  Please join us for our next post where we will highlight some of the great things we have acquired for our sale at Lucketts Spring Market- only 57 days to go.