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Designing the window displays for our friend Susan’s clothing store in Old Town, Alexandria is one of our more challenging, and fun, creative endeavors.  Zoe Boutique carries beautiful women’s clothing by designers such as Rebecca Taylor, Tracy Reese, Velvet, Chan Luu, to name just a few.  Our latest window creation was for Valentine’s Day, and even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, we, of course, want to show it off.  We thought you would enjoy taking a look too.

The window at Zoe Boutique is a large, sunny, bay window that displays four well dressed mannequins.  We like to fill this space with objects that are non-static and three-dimensional to provide movement.  We also like to add elements (aka “bling”) that will reflect the wonderful sunlight that comes streaming through the window.

For Valentines Day (no brainer), we chose red and pink hearts.  So, off we went in search of poster board and some bling to hang inside the hearts.

Red and pink poster board from Michaels


These beautiful heart shaped ornaments (a fabulous find from Target’s after Christmas sale) and the light pink and clear plastic crystals (in the plastic bags) will hang from the center of the poster board hearts.  We’ll use the monofilament line to attach the bling and hang the finished hearts.

For this project we used an awesome, electronic cutting device called a Cameo Silhouette. With this machine, you can create a design on your computer, then send the image to the Cameo, which starts humming away as it cuts out your pattern. To add variety, we came up with three different sized hearts.

—Cameo Silhouette with a piece of poster board loaded and ready to be cut.


The cut poster board heart.

To hold the hearts in a 3D shape we cut an oval piece out of clear vinyl (you can kind of see in it in the photo below).  After forming each poster board and vinyl heart, we attached some bling to hang in the center.

Almost done!!  We load the car and head to Zoe Boutique to hang the finished hearts.

That's Karen on the ladder!

And here’s the finished product.  What do you think??

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour.  Aren’t the clothes on the mannequins wonderful?  If you are ever in Old Town, please visit Zoe Boutique and check out the latest fashions (and maybe one of our windows, too!).

This past weekend we hit a couple of barn sales and an estate sale and found some great stuff.  We’re excited to show you what we do with some of the pieces, so please check back.

88 days to Luckett’s.